Forklift training – Monster style

We have just spent another few days delivering training for our friends from Monster Energy, this time, the UK events team. The bespoke mechanical course covering basic operations of Telehandler and Counterbalance forklifts was delivered at our Stowmarket training centre.

Candidates were shown and then mastered, steering exercises including confined space movements, pallet stacking, racking and lorry loading procedures. These skills will help ensure they remain safe whilst carrying out operations at their warehouse and when setting up events.

The design for all our forklift training is in accordance with L117 – Approved Code of Practice and guidance for rider-operated lift trucks. The publication has special legal status. It includes an outline of the main legal requirements relating to lift trucks including operator training requirements. The document also includes information from the HSG6 ‘Safety in working with lift trucks’. Areas such as, their safe use, truck features, maintenance, examination and pedestrian safety. It is extremely important for employers to understand and comply with the document and to be familiar with their responsibilities regarding training. It is also important to be familiar with the implications that may transpire should an accident occur.

If you have any requirements for a similar course or something bespoke please contact us on 01449 722400. NLT Forklift training

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