The Importance of Fire Warden Training

It is a legal requirement for businesses to have an evacuation plan in place in event of a fire, and to have a named individual in charge of dealing with it (see The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005).

It is not just in the summer months that a fire can damage your premises, but the season reminds us all of the hazards of fire. That is why our Fire Warden training courses are increasingly popular.

The importance of Fire safety training

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 act means that all employers should have an evacuation plan in place, whereby staff and visitors can safely evacuate a building in the event of fire.

The designated responsible person – or Fire Warden – can be any member of staff who has learnt to carry out an assessment of fire safety risk and put in place appropriate fire safety measures. There should be an up-to-date fire management plan.

Our Fire Warden training course

All our Fire Warden training courses are run by our Managing Director Aidy, and you will learn:

  • Introduction to Fire Safety & the Regulatory Reform ‘Fire Safety’ Order (2005);
  • Fire behaviour and spread;
  • Fire control and cessation;
  • Role of the Fire Marshal/Warden;
  • Actions in the event of a Fire and Fire Inspection;
  • Fire extinguisher theory;
  • Practical Fire Drill (if required);
  • Procedures to be adopted;
  • Fire Safety walk around of premises.

A fire warden says

“Having been to many commercial fires over the years it was often quite alarming to find that the cause of the fire could have easily been avoided. Business owners and employees alike were commonly unaware of the fire safety hazards within their workplace.

“My aim when visiting clients to offer Fire Safety advice is to make them aware that some very simple steps can reduce the likelihood of a fire occurring. Employee education is high on this list as by understanding the importance of reporting potential fire hazards, however small, can subsequently eliminate the problem. Employees are the most likely to encounter potential fire risks on a daily basis and therefore unsurprisingly could become injured or trapped should a fire start.

“Employers should not only ensure that Fire Risk Assessments are carried out, but more importantly they should understand the findings from any such assessments.

“It is not acceptable to simply have an assessment carried out by a third party and then file the completed document away with other Health and Safety documents.”

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