Temporary relaxation of the enforcement of the Drivers Hours rules..

The Government has announced some temporary relaxation measures regarding the enforcement of the ‘Drivers Hours’ rules.

Summary of EU Drivers’ Hour relaxation

The EU drivers’ hours rules can be temporarily relaxed as follows:

a) Replacement of the EU daily driving limit of 9 hours with, one of 11 hours

b) Reduction of the daily rest requirements from 11 to, 9 hours

c) Lifting the weekly (56 hours) and fortnightly driving limits (90 hours) to, 60 and 96 hours respectively

d) Postponement of the requirement to start a weekly rest period after six-24 hour periods, for after seven 24 hour periods; (although two regular weekly rest periods or a regular and a reduced weekly rest period will still be required within a fortnight)

e) The requirement for daily breaks of 45 minutes after 4.5 hours driving, replaced with a break of 45 minutes after 5.5 hours of driving.

(Drivers must not use relaxation ‘a’ and ‘d’ at the same time. This is to ensure drivers are able to get adequate rest)

Summary of GB Rules Relaxation

The GB drivers’ hours rules can be temporarily relaxed as follows:

a) Replacement of the GB duty time limit of 11 hours with, 12 hours

b) Replacement of the GB daily driving time limit of 10 hours with, 11 hours

(Drivers can only take advantage of this temporary relaxation 5 days in any 7 day period, and must take a rest period of 24 hours within the same 7 day period when taking advantage of this relaxation)

Further information can be found by following the below link;