New driving laws and rules for 2022

What are the new driving laws for 2022?

Highway Code update: pedestrians & cyclists have priority

Stricter rules on mobile phone use in vehicles

Local councils could enforce minor traffic offences instead of Police

All motorists banned from parking on pavements

Driving Licences to be taken off drug users

Rules change on what you can tow

Highway Code update: pedestrians and cyclists have priority 

To capitalise on the active travel boom, the government has changed the Highway Code so that cyclists and pedestrians feel safer on the road.

Some of the changes include:

  • A hierarchy of road users that prioritises at-risk road users like cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Improving pedestrian priority on pavements when crossing or waiting to cross the road
  • Guidance on passing cyclists safely. This includes safe passing distances and speed. Cyclists will also have priority at junctions when travelling straight ahead.

Stricter rules on mobile phone use in vehicles 

The government is tightening up the rules on mobile phone use behind the wheel. 

In 2021, motorists could only be penalised for communicating on their phone behind the wheel. For example, calling or sending a text.

The new rule, which could start early this year, will penalise drivers for touching their phones behind the wheel. 

This means using your phone for gaming, taking selfies and scrolling through playlists will be illegal. Drivers could receive a fine of £200 and six points on their licence if they’re caught. 

But there are some exceptions.

Drivers should still be able to use their phone as a sat nav as long as it’s secured in a mobile phone holder You’ll have to pull over and stop when it’s safe if you want to adjust your route though.

You should also be able to use your phone to make contactless payments at drive throughs and toll roads. 

Local councils could enforce minor traffic offences instead of police

Motorists could be fined up to £70 by local councils for minor motoring offences. For example, stopping in yellow cross hatching and driving in cycle lanes. Before the rule change, the police were responsible for issuing these fines.

All motorists banned from parking on pavements

Councils in England and Wales could have the power to issue fines for motorists that park on the pavement. 

The new rules could mean that councils UK wide could issue £70 fines for pavement parkers.

Driving licences to be taken off drug users

In December 2021, the prime minister announced that passports and driving licences could be removed from illegal drug users. 

Rule changes on what you can tow

The rules on what you can tow changed in December last year.

Now, if you passed your test on or after January 1997, you won’t have to take an additional test to tow a trailer up to 3,500 kg maximum authorised mass. This is the maximum weight that the trailer can hold, including the weight of the trailer.

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