Mandatory Laden Brake Testing

To maintain road safety, vehicles presented for test must be appropriately laden for test from 1 January 2023. Find out about mandatory laden brake testing below.

Mandatory Laden Brake Testing

After the 1st of January 2023, a Vehicle Standards Assessor will refuse to test a vehicle which is not appropriately laden. Furthermore, you will lose the test fee and will need to re-present the vehicle or trailer correctly laden and pay for a new test.

In most circumstances, to achieve this, vehicles must be loaded to at least 65% of their design axle weights with cargo (this doesn’t have to be the cargo you would usually carry).

The vehicle standards assessors will refuse to accept a goods vehicle or trailer for test where it is not satisfactorily loaded.

Why do vehicles need to be laden?

An appropriate amount of weight should be placed on the vehicle and/or trailer. This allows the Vehicle Standards Assessor to accurately carry out the test as the grip between the tyre and the rollers is at its maximum. In addition, this allows the vehicle’s wheels to keep turning for longer and avoid premature lock-ups. The brake actuation pressure will also be most effective in determining a more meaningful assessment of the overall braking efficiency.

You can find guidance on loading vehicles adequately for the roller brake test on GOV.UK. This also provides guidance on vehicles which may reasonably be expected to be tested without a load.

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