How To Drive Safely in High Winds

Lorry in high winds
Lorry turned over due to high winds

With winds due to hit highs of 80 mph across the UK tomorrow, we thought we would share some advice on how to drive safely in high winds. This advice comes from the RHA.

One of the first preventive measures is to avoid driving on open stretches of roads and revealed areas like flyovers and high-level bridges where your vehicle is more prone to getting affected by severe winds. This is recommended especially for high sided vehicles.

One of the vehicles at most risk is a curtain-sided vehicle, especially when the wind is blowing across its path. A good way to stay protected while driving such a vehicle in high winds is to tie the curtains back if the lorry is not carrying any goods. This would help reduce the risk of getting affected by high-speed winds. Always make sure you follow the complete safety procedures before tying the curtains back.

High winds may also cause flooding in certain areas. If driving in such conditions is mandatory, it is important to always take all precautionary steps. Rivers and streams are at constant risk of breaking their banks and it is hard to assess the depth of water while driving through it. It is advised to drive with care and always staying being prepared for the worst.

Pedestrians and cyclists are at the highest risk in such weather conditions. Stay very alert and be considerate towards them. You may alter your plans or change your route if possible, to avoid putting yourself at risk.

Please stay safe!

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