HGV driver shortage two companies working in partnership to improve standards.

The Driver Hire Colchester, Bury St Edmunds and Ipswich offices are now working with Needham Logistics Training to providing ongoing training to drivers and clients.

When a new HGV driver passes their test with Needham Logistics,the driver will be offered a further 3 day‘s training with an experienced driver from one of the Driver Hire branches to gain commercial awareness and confidence in their new chosen profession at no extra fee.

The new pass will go out with in one of Driver Hire Clients’ vehicles and carryout a normal day’s work.

The experienced driver will guide them of what is expected, they will help with use of Tachographs how to load and unload, strapping and securing loads etc.

Needham Logistics’ aim is to make a new driver to the industry “Ready to Work

What is the benefit to Driver Hire?

Driver Hire have ongoing work for HGV drivers from full time to temp work all year round.

Please visit their web site for more details http://www.driverhire.co.uk/Microsites/Colchester/

Gary from Driver Hire Colchester, said: “we are always looking for new drivers and our clients are always willing to help with new passes due to a shortage of HGV drivers, we are hoping this will benefit a lot of different parties, the new driver for experience and ongoing training, our clients who can see new drivers coming into the sector and Needham logistics training offering more than just a driver training to the new driver.”