Extension to Eu Drivers Hours

The relaxation to EU Drivers’ Hours Rules has been extended this time from 01/11/2021 until 09/01/2022. There is a difference in this extension though, the operator must meet the following criteria to be able to take advantage of the exemption – meaning that it is less likely to be used. The criteria are:

  • Not completing the work would be at detriment to the wider community
  • Utilising the relaxation would significantly improve the situation
  • In no way will safety be compromised (this will need to have been risk assessed)

If operators meet the full criteria they must notify the Department for Transport to take advantage of the relaxation.

There are two relaxations available and only one can be used at one time.

  • 9 hour driving time increased to 10 hours 4 times a week (instead of two)
  • Two consecutive reduced weekly rest periods can be taken – but only if followed by two regular weekly rest periods and compensatory rest must be attached to a regular weekly rest period.

Find out more about the extension to EU Drivers Hours here.

If you need to refresh on drivers hours, complete ur CPC Drivers Hours Module! Find out more here.

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