Do You Need A Refresher On Forklift Training?

Do You Need A Refresher On Forklift Training? Here’s What You Need To Know.

At Needham Logistics Training, we understand that forklift certification is your first step on the career ladder. That’s why we’re here to help you accelerate your career with high-quality and affordable forklift training.

Lift-truck operators, even those who are trained and experienced, need to be routinely monitored in the workplace and, where necessary, retested or refresher trained to make sure they continue to operate lift trucks safely

Do You Need A Refresher On Forklift Training?

RTITB suggest that refresher training should be carried out every three to five years. But there are important exceptions to this. For example, after a period of absence. This would apply where operators may not have worked for some months. Though it would be very unlikely that an operator will have forgotten absolutely everything, carrying out refresher training for operators will enable you to go over any areas of concern, revisit best practices, and feel confident in the safety, efficiency and compliance of your operation going forward.

Another exception to the ‘three to five year’ rule would be for occasional users. This may be relevant at the moment when those who have completed training but do not routinely use equipment, need to do so to fill gaps in resources. These employees should receive refresher training before they operate a lift truck or other materials handling equipment.

In brief, other exceptions include in the event of unsafe working practices being identified or an incident taking place, or any significant change in working practices or environment. If the type of machine the operator is required to use changes, then conversion training (rather than a refresher course) is likely to be needed.

Our Refresher Forklift Course is a 1-day course for up to 3 people, you can find out more here.

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