Grease Extraction System Checks

Up to 70% of fires in commercial kitchens originate in faulty ventilation pipes due to fat & grease build-up.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, along with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and Fire Safety Legislation Article 10, place a very strict 'duty of care' on the manager of premises.

Part of the regulations stipulate that grease extraction systems must be assessed for fire hazards, and extractor fan cleaning is a legal requirement. The workplace must carry out a risk assessment of extraction cleaning once every three, six or twelve months depending on the amount of use. Identifying potential hazards and the extent of deposit build up on the internal surfaces of a grease extractor duct-work system is often extremely difficult to assess, due to access limitations. However, a number of simple ways do exist whereby the existence of a potential fire hazard can be established.

At Needham Logistics Training Ltd we offer an extensive audit of such systems to highlight specific area's of concern and remedial actions to be taken.

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Site visit to include:-

  • Introduction to the hazards associated with ventilation and duct-work systems.
  •  Inspection of systems in place to identify areas of concern.
  • Detailed report of visit.


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