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Transport Manager CPC (Road Haulage) December 2023 Exam Results

22 January, 2024

Last week we received the results of the December 2023 CILT (UK) Transport Manager CPC (Road Haulage) NLT’s overall pass rate for the December exams was: Paper 1 (Multi Format) 66% Paper 2 (Case Study) 71% We wish to pass on our congratulations to our candidates for passing the Transport Manager CPC (Road Haulage) exams. […]

Bridge Strikes

22 January, 2024

In a letter from the Senior Traffic Commissioner for Great Britain: To all goods vehicle and PSV operator licence holders I am writing to remind you of your obligations as a responsible operator of large vehicles. This message is important, and you should ensure that it is understood and communicated to your workforce as appropriate. It […]

Transport Manager CPC (Road Haulage) June 2023 CILT (UK) – Learner Results

26 July, 2023

Last week we received the results of the June 2023 CILT (UK) Transport Manager CPC (Road Haulage) The CILT (UK) overall pass rate for the June exams was: Paper 1 (Multi Format) 66% Paper 2 (Case Study) 59% In comparison these results, NLT’s overall pass rate for the June exams was: Paper 1 (Multi Format) […]

Drivers’ Hours: Recording of other Work

13 September, 2022

Published 2nd September 2022 Background With effect from 20 August 2020, the following changes were made to the retained Regulation (EC) 561/2006 (EU drivers’ hours rules) and retained Regulation (EU) 165/2014 (tachograph rules)[footnote 1]. Article 6(5) of retained Regulation (EC) 561/2006) requires manual records to be kept of all work (including out of scope driving […]

International Operator Licencing Regulations – Update

22 March, 2022

It appears that both the Government and the Office of The Traffic Commissioners have been busy over the last three months. With vehicles between 2.5t and 3.5t now being brought in line with the International Operator Licencing Regulations and the introduction of the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS). Red diesel rules changing and some major […]

Monster Energy

8 March, 2022

This week our trainers are in Munich training the Monster Energy events team. Watch this space for more news……………

SQA ADR Administration Visit – 24/02/2022

25 February, 2022

Administration Visit – 24/02/2022 Grade 1 The report and recommendations were submitted by the verifier, SQA have awarded a Grade 1 following the visit and no further action is required.

New driving laws and rules for 2022

25 January, 2022

What are the new driving laws for 2022? Highway Code update: pedestrians & cyclists have priority Stricter rules on mobile phone use in vehicles Local councils could enforce minor traffic offences instead of Police All motorists banned from parking on pavements Driving Licences to be taken off drug users Rules change on what you can […]

New Highway Codes Changes

23 December, 2021

NLT Sponsor Safety First Inititive

28 October, 2021

HGV & PSV Laws to Change

25 October, 2021

Some rules about learning to drive an HGV and bus or coach are going to change on 15 November 2021 (subject to Parliamentary approval). The changes affect: what you’re allowed to learn to drive and take your driving test in how the driving test works What you can learn to drive and take your driving test in […]

Remote Training

Driver CPC & ADR Remote Training

7 October, 2021

NLT offer remote driver CPC Training: The Driver CPC and ADR remote course allows drivers to gain 7 hrs Driver CPC without the need to travel from the own home/work environment.There are stipulations placed upon attendees whilst attending, these include the following:They should be appropriately dressed throughout the trainingBe sat at a desk, table or […]