Driver CPC & ADR Remote Training

NLT offer remote driver CPC Training:

The Driver CPC and ADR remote course allows drivers to gain 7 hrs Driver CPC without the need to travel from the own home/work environment.
There are stipulations placed upon attendees whilst attending, these include the following:
They should be appropriately dressed throughout the training
Be sat at a desk, table or similar – NOT on settee, arm chair, lying down etc
Be in a room/area where they are unlikely to be disturbed by machinery, other work staff, pets, children etc

Please phone 01449 722400 for more details.

Message from SQA: DVSA have asked us to inform you that the remote delivery of Dangerous Goods Driver Training has been extended. This authorisation will come into effect from 1 January 2022 until 30 June 2022 unless withdrawn or otherwise revoked.

This will provide flexibility in order to help you provide training to drivers. Thank you for your ongoing contribution to UK road safety.

NLT: can provide remote training to groups of 5 or more, please phone 01449 722400 for more details.

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